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   Scholarships and Grants are all over the Internet, but you have to know where to look and how to find them. Don't get lost in a sea of links and dead ends so typical of other guides or search engine results. We have searched the Web to bring you the best free scholarship search engines, the best scholarship and grant opportunities, and the best information sites for college financial aid.

Featured Scholarship Articles

Scholarship Databases

    Should you pay for a search service to find a scholarship or rely on the free online databases? Read our review of the online search services to find the top sites and learn how to avoid the pitfalls of the professional services.

Scholarships for Women

    For women seeking money for college, many special opportunities exist. Read our review of college financial aid for women to learn some essential tips that will give you a leg up over your fellow students.

College Funding Myths

    Learn about the Five College Financial Aid Myths that could cost you your chance to receive a scholarship or grant.

Scholarships for Minorities

    The struggle a diverse student body has created many unique opportunities for minority financial aid. Private foundations, corporate sponsors, and even colleges themselves consider minority status for a variety and scholarships and other types of financial aid. Learn how your minority status may impact your search for scholarships and grants.

Scholarships for your Major

   Your Career path or Major field of study can open the door to all sorts of financial aid.   Internships, teaching assistantships, and students loan forgiveness can really lower the cost of a quality education.  Click here to learn some useful strategies for finding student aid related to your college major.   

    The Fall semester is over, but it is not too late to get financial aid. In fact, if you are a high school junior or if you intend to start your college in 2018, then now is the time to start looking for financial aid. But students need to find the right grants for them and apply as soon as possible. Our free online guide will help you cut through the maze of Internet sites and go directly to the best financial aid sources.

    Educate yourself on the entire process! Many people lose chances at awards because they do not meet the deadlines, fill out applications correctly, or get tripped up on the dreaded scholarship essay. Help for all of these is freely available on the Web--we'll get you started on your scholarship search.