Internet Job Searches


   The web is a unique resource for job seekers. Never has it been so easy to access thousands of leads with the click of a button. However, with these increased opportunities comes more competition from other job seekers. The sheer volume of information available is enough to overwhelm even the most dedicated. And despite its promise, consider the Internet to be just another tool in your search. Don't neglect traditional job listings. We have some quick facts to get you started and a few links to the best job sites on the Internet.

    An important key to success is sorting through the job opportunities to find the ones you are truly qualified for and that interest you. Don't waste time applying for hundreds of positions in hopes of getting lucky. Conduct a focused search that narrows your applications to realistic opportunities.

     Start a job search with the basic Internet search engine. Google, Yahoo and others can be useful if you include enough search terms to narrow your results. For example, don't simply search for your job title, but focus the query like this: job title+city (or state or region). Try several of the major engines and as many ways of describing your job choice as possible. While you are there, consult the search engine directory listings also. Often, you will find them well-organized and with many useful resources.,, and have some of the largest directories on the web, but there are many others.

     Quite a few job search sites have recently sprung up. They have a staggering number of listings and rather sophisticated ways of searching. Also, many allow you to post a resume, and have employers search for you. Keep in mind that spammers and con artists have infiltrated these sites, so you may occasionally find the standard get-rich-quick schemes listed within legitimate career search. Posting your resume can also generate spam to your inbox, so you might think twice about which email address you chose to give out.

Still these sites are great for finding job openings. Here are the three of the most popular ones: has an excellent set of custom tools for creating resumes and searching for positions your may be qualified for. is one of the most popular on the Internet. You can search by location, keywords, or job category. claims over 1.3 million jobs in their database, with listings ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

Recent graduates and current students have many resources tailored specifically to them, such as: caters specifically to students and recent graduates, with many jobs, internships, and entry level positions, as well as a resume distribution service that can get you noticed by employers and schools who are looking for applicants like you. This site also has a free school finder service.

    Of course, submitting your information to the dozens of job search site available is very time consuming. If you want to put your resume in front of as many employers as possible quickly, consider a distribution service such as which can instantly submit your resume to over 75 online services. This is not a free service, but it could save you many hours of work.

Many sites like these will let you search for free (but may require registration), so there is no reason not to take advantage of their services.

    And finally, before you send in your resume, be sure that it is the best that it can be. Most of these search sites offer solid resume writing advice for free. If you want professional help, consider a quality resume service such as Even if you don't purchase there service, you can use there free resume writing tools, and look at dozens of sample resumes. OK, thanks for reading and happy hunting!